Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil)

Business Law


3 year program


Niveau visé BAC +8

180 ECTS

High-level research

The DPhil in Business law is an advanced program available to holders of a professional or research master's degree in the fields of law, political science or social sciences. For the entire duration of the course, regular supervision by a thesis director is offered to each young research. At first, it is used to make sure that all acquire adequate writing and research methodologies for the redaction of their thesis and then as a source of feedback and support. It is complemented by seminars specifically designed to build upon the researcher's knowledge in his or her field of expertise. Following three years of intense work and supervision, the PhD candidate is expected to produce a 300 pages thesis reflecting current academic practice. The DPhil is awarded upon successful defence of the thesis in front of a jury.

A professional outlook

At the EIPDCE, theory and practice are intrinsically linked and that also applies to advanced studies. Hence while the research and development of a Ph.D. at EIPDCE provides the methodological tools to reshape patterns of thinking, it also gives technical solutions to work towards our final goal: to improve society. To bolster such result, students participate in practical workshops and study compulsory foreign languages.

Program outline

Completion of the DPhil takes 3 years. The program is composed of theoretical teachings in English taking the form of practical seminars, individual supervisions and compulsory internships.


The diploma is awarded upon validation of 60 ECTS per year (180 over 3 years).  Each seminar is worth 10 credits, and each language course is worth 5 credits.



Examples of modules:

( Non-exhaustive list, subject to changes )


  • Quantitative methods
  • Research methods

  • Advanced Studies in Business Law

  • ...

Careers Prospects

(Non-exhaustive list)

Law researcher, Assistant Professor in Law, corporate lawyer, legal analyst, strategy consultant, public sector lawyer ...



Master 2 / BAC +5

en Droit, Sciences Politiques

ou Sciences Sociales

Documents requis

1. CV

2. Lettre de motivation

3. Diplômes

(Baccalauréat + dernier diplôme obtenu)

4. Justificatif de niveau de langue française

(applicable aux candidats ressortissants ou résidents d’un pays où le français n’est pas la seule langue officielle, et dont les études secondaires ne se sont pas déroulées en français)

5. Pièce d'identité

6. Photo d'identité



Voir la procédure d'admission et les modalités d'inscription

Frais de Scolarité

6ème, 7ème, 8ème années

(BAC +6/+7/+8)