Bachelor of Science (BSc)



3 year program


Niveau visé BAC +3

180 ECTS

The Degree

The Diploma of Studies in Economics and Management is a program designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of economics. Besides, applying the pillars of economics to management prepares students to understand the functioning of numerous markets, as well as to relate economic concepts to socio-economic realities.

Our common core promotes the development of rigorous thinking as well as the assimilation of an economic culture sufficient to qualify for management professions or higher education specialised in economics.

Skills acquired

At EIPDCE, this programme aims to train future professionals able to:

• understand the cyclical logic of markets and their micro- and Macro-economic application in the global industry;

• analyse international and domestic markets in various sectors;

• analyse the development processes of commercial and financial markets;

• have a thorough understanding of the company and its needs in functions of economic contexts

• understand the fundamentals of management such as accounting, marketing, and auditing.


At EIPDCE, all students must develop a multidisciplinary approach of the world to reflect common practice in the industry. As such, the program includes compulsory modules teaching:

•  fundamental principles of law

• foreign languages, as preparation for the expertise provided by regional concentrations.

Program outline

3 years are needed to complete the BSc. They consist of theoretical lessons and practical applications to case-studies. The diploma is awarded upon validation of 60 ECTS per year (180 over 3 years). Each seminar is worth 10 credits, and each language course is worth 5 credits.


Examples of courses :

(Non-exhaustive list, subject to change)


  • Macroeconomics I, II, III
  • Microeconomics I, II, III

  • Logic I, II, III

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Value Theory

  • International Economy

  • Business Economy

  • Strategic Management

  • Management Control

  • General Accounting

  • E-Marketing

  • ...



Baccalauréat (ou équivalent)

Documents requis

1. CV

2. Lettre de motivation

3. Diplômes

(Baccalauréat + dernier diplôme obtenu)

4. Justificatif de niveau de langue française

(applicable aux candidats ressortissants ou résidents d’un pays où le français n’est pas la seule langue officielle, et dont les études secondaires ne se sont pas déroulées en français)

5. Pièce d'identité

6. Photo d'identité



Voir la procédure d'admission et les modalités d'inscription

Frais de Scolarité

1ère et 2ème années

(BAC +1/2)

4500€+450€ TTC /an

3ème année

(BAC +3)

5000€+450€ TTC /an