Masters of Laws (LLM)

Specialized Comparative Law 


2 year program


Niveau visé BAC +5

120 ECTS

The Degree

The LLM in Specialised Comparative Law is a unique, in-depth programme aimed at mastering, on the one hand, a particular field of Business Law, and on the other hand, its application in two specific regions of the world.


The specialisation options are:

• Business Law ;

• Comparative Law Europe-Asia ;

• Comparative Law Europe-Africa.


This specialised LLM is unique. It complements traditional legal education with both a regional concentration and training in business, market research and accounting. This combination provides future jurists, lawyers and magistrates with a rare and highly sought-after range of qualifications: a clear advantage when entering the labour market.

Skills acquired

This EIPDCE program aims to train future practitioners capable of:

• analyse and set out the issue of a company in legal terms;

• identify, analyse and outline the potential disputes to which a company is exposed in a pre-emptive fashion;

• specify the developmental needs of a company and their potential legal implications;

• write contracts independently; 

• act as an independent legal advisor;

• Use their understanding of regional differences in their application of the law.


At EIPDCE, all students must develop a multidisciplinary approach of the world. As such, the degree includes compulsory language classes corresponding to the regional concentrations picked by the student

Program Outline

Completion of the LLM takes 2 years and encompasses both theoretical and practical training. 


The diploma is awarded upon validation of 60 ECTS per year (120 over 2 years).  Each seminar is worth 10 credits, and each language course is worth 5 credits.



Examples of modules:

(Non-exhaustive list, subject to change)


  • International Tax Law
  • Business Law

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • International Trade Law

  • Contract Law

  • ...

Career Prospects

(Non-exhaustive list)

Magistrate, lawyer at the Bar, corporate lawyer, legal analyst, strategy consultant, lawyer in the public sector ...



Licence / BAC +3

Documents requis

1. CV

2. Lettre de motivation

3. Diplômes

(Baccalauréat + dernier diplôme obtenu)

4. Justificatif de niveau de langue française

(applicable aux candidats ressortissants ou résidents d’un pays où le français n’est pas la seule langue officielle, et dont les études secondaires ne se sont pas déroulées en français)

5. Pièce d'identité

6. Photo d'identité



Voir la procédure d'admission et les modalités d'inscription

Frais de Scolarité

4ème année

(BAC +4)

4500€+450€TTC /an


5ème année

(BAC +5)

5000€+450€TTC /an