Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Assistant in Business Administration 

Specialisation Banking-Finance


4 year program

Diplôme d'État Certifié RNCP

Niveau visé BAC +4

240 ECTS



The Degree 

The BSc of Assistant in Business Management specialised in Banking-Finance is a professionalising degree. It aims to train versatile professionals who will actively contribute to the running and management of the company’s banking and financing activities.

Although the manager is responsible for a company’s development, the assistant in business administration is the one who truly set into motion the material and financial policies that have been adopted. He is tasked to implement them, update them and highlight any inconsistencies should they arise. He is not only the intermediary between clients & providers, but also between management & staff and has the power to task additional workers to specific duties in order to meet previously set goals. 

This degree provides our graduates with all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for a swift integration in the banking and finance industries.

Skills acquired

The EIPDCE program trains  future practitioners able to:

• handle client portofolios and ensure their ffidelisation while evaluating the quality of service provided;

• establish competitive commercial offers and ensure the follow-up and quality control of each successful sale;

• develop a Commercial Action Plan (CAP).


At EIPDCE, the approach taken by the program furthers the command of:

• the fundamental methods and tools of business management (case studies and bi-annual tests);

• the practical application of skills acquired in a professional environment (min. 20 weeks);

• foreign languages (English et mandarin are mandatory).

Program outline

The program runs over 4 years and includes both theoretical and practical training focused on Banking-Finance.


The diploma is awarded upon validation of 60 ECTS per year (240 over 3 years).  Each seminar is worth 10 credits, and each language course is worth 5 credits.


Examples of modules:

(Non-exhaustive list, subject to change)


  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Analysis

  • Banking Law

  • Control Management

  • Accountability

  • ...​

Career Prospects


(Non-exhaustive list)

Chargé de portfolio client, assistant chef de projet, responsable de site, assistant chef de secteur, chargé de clientèle, chargé de l’administration commerciale, directeur-adjoint de magasin, responsable de site, chef des ventes, ...




 Baccalauréat (ou équivalent)



Documents requis

1. CV

2. Lettre de motivation

3. Diplômes

(Baccalauréat + dernier diplôme obtenu)

4. Justificatif de niveau de langue française

(applicable aux candidats ressortissants ou résidents d’un pays où le français n’est pas la seule langue officielle, et dont les études secondaires ne se sont pas déroulées en français)

5. Pièce d'identité

6. Photo d'identité



Voir la procédure d'admission et les modalités d'inscription

Je candidate

Frais de Scolarité

1ère et 2ème années

(BAC +1/+2)

 4500€+450€ TTC /an

3ème année

(BAC +3)

 4500€+450€ TTC /an

NB: À cela s’ajoutent 450€ de frais d’inscription.